Fire protection

What is Fire Protection?


Fire protection is actually set of studies and practices that are based on:


  • reports of fire departments writing after each fire what has been extinguished
  • on the study of fire and related emergencies as and
  • on the research and development, production, testing and applying of mitigation systems.


All facilities and premises in the Republic of Serbia must be constructed and adapted in accordance with the Fire Safety Law.


If you need clarification of your obligations in accordance with Fire Protection Law, we are here to help: +381 66 335 666.


How else can we help?


The team from Toledo Ltd has been formally trained by the ministry of internal affairs in Serbia to carry out activities in the field of fire protection. In accordance with the needs of employers arising from the Fire Safety Law, company Toledo offers:


  • Capture the condition of an object which is in the process of setting up (fire protection)
  • Training of employees for Fire Safety
  • Developing an evacuation plan
  • Communication with the inspection for Fire Safety


For more information call us at +381 66 335 666


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