Wall Painting

Decorative Painting Works or Classic? Whatever you need, we work professionally, quickly and thoroughly. What your designers create, we realize with precision and preciseness.


Your satisfaction is most important to us. You can relax and let us do all the work concerning your home or work space.


What are the duties of our painters?


1. Free estimate of works and costs
One of the masters from a professional painting team comes to your address and estimates the time and amount of investment necessary for work to be done. It takes into account the area of ​​the space and any preparational work required to be done before starting the job.


2. Planning and preparation
In accordance with your wishes, we fit into your schedule and begin the first preparatory work, which includes the protection of space and the preparation of the surface for work.


3. Indoor Painting
After deciding what effect you want to achieve, in consultation with our experts, you choose the color and type of paint. Good to know is that depending on the quality of the color itself, and of the process of producing it, depends the end result.


4. Quality control and cleaning
When the work is done, our contractors control their work. Together with you, we go once again trough entire site and offices and complete the control process. After that, we clean the entire place, (any traces of unwanted paint are removed), we remove working tools and return furniture to its place. It is up to you to enjoy the freshness of your new or renovated space.



For any questions, please call us at +381 66 335 666


Your Toledo Team