Electrical Services

We offer complete electrical services for your business object.


Assessment of the work is free of charge, and we arrive at the location on arranged time.
Our electricians take all protection measures and precautions and solve problems, from replacing light bulbs to installing a complete electrical installation respecting the newest technical standards.
You don’t want to waste time and energy installing new devices in your company? New office lighting? Whatever you need, Toledo team is ready and at your disposal for advice or services.


Electrical works

Our team offers a complete service of electrical work for your business facility.
Toledo Ltd is qualified to meet all the electrical needs in business facility. We understand that providing electricity in a safe, timely and professional manner is essential to the success of your business. We offer new construction electrical services, as well as electrical improvement and repair services.
With an agreement on long-term technical maintenance cooperation, we offer special conditions.
Do not hesitate to contact us, and Toledo team will meet your needs for electrical services.


Why us?

The Toledo team provides quality services and adheres to deadlines. In addition to providing superior service, the Toledo team is a proven choice if you want a contractor you can entirely rely on.

Toledo – is synonymous for reliable and secure


RELIABILITY – is a characteristic of our people. That means for you, that the agreed work will be done at the agreed time and for the agreed price. Our team is created to give you a unique experience of safety and to meet your needs, quickly and efficiently. Why? Because in the Toledo team, we have experienced teams of electricians, plumbers, painters and other highly specialized craftsmen.
In cooperation with us, all work on your business facility will be done responsibly and on time.
All maintenance work will be done for you.


For any questions, please call us at: +381 66 335 666


Your Toledo Team