Hygiene Cleaning

We provide cleaning services, machine and manually cleaning of large business premises and shopping malls as well as hygienic maintenance of business and living quarters.
We also provide hot-cold pressurized washing services.


With the long-term cooperation agreement, we offer special benefits.

Our team will machine wash the floors, clean offices thoroughly, clean windows, floors and remove cobwebs, clean toilets … The Toledo team also includes eight-hour ready-cleaning stuff at your disposal.


Clean working space contributes to efficiency of employees.

Clutter from the work environment is distracting.  Working in clean and tidy offices increases focus. People who work in an overcrowded and disorganized environment often suffer from covert stress. The inability to locate an object or document at any moment creates overload, making it difficult for people to focus on the main tasks.
Also, overcrowding in our workspace affects our subconscious and contributes to stress.
Did you know that viruses and bacteria from your phone and keyboard survive up to 24 hours? Calculating, how many sick days your employees use, you would certainly understand the importance of maintaining hygiene at workplace.


A neat and tidy work space creates a positive impression on clients!

If the working environment is tidy, clients will always assume that the host is organized and responsible. You may think the price of your work, or the value you provide to your clients, are the most important items, but you should not forget all those subconscious messages that clients / customers receive from your working environment.

For a positive impression… Let your office space shine in full splendor.


With the agreement on long-term maintenance of facilities we offer special benefits.


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