Proffesional cleaning


Our team will machine wash the floors, clean offices thoroughly, clean the windows, floors and remove cobwebs, clean toilets…

The Toledo team also includes eight-hour ready-cleaning staff at your disposal. We also offer hot and cold pressure washing services. With the long-term cooperation agreement, we offer special benefits.

Electric works


We offer complete electrical services for your business object. We offer free estimate of works, and we arrive at the location on arranged time, when it suits you.

Our electricians take all protection measures and precautions and solve problems, from replacing light bulbs to installing a complete electrical installation respecting the newest technical standards.

Sanitary services


You need sanitary services, plumbing works, fixtures, replacement of faucets, toilet tanks, toilets… Call us because our team of professionals work quickly and dedicated. Free estimate of works. We will arrive at the location on agreed time.

Don’t let your business suffer, call Toledo team to fix everything need to be fixed.




Why to choose Toledo?

RELIABILITY – is a basic characteristic of our people. That means for you, that the agreed work will be done at the agreed time and for the agreed price.

Our team is created to give you a unique experience of safety and to meet your needs, quickly and efficiently. Why? Because in the Toledo team, we have experienced teams of electricians, plumbers, painters and other highly specialized craftsmen.

Our goal is that performing work on your business facilities is an easy and not an exhausting process. We understand all those who want to do their jobs, instead of supervising craftmans. That is the reason why we are building our name on trust and reliability. In cooperation with us, all work on your business facility will be done responsibly and on time.

For any questions, please call us at  +381 66 335 666

Your Toledo Team